Information Integrity for Context in Genomics


Single Molecule Precision

Samplix has developed a proprietary technology - the Xdrop™ technology – for single molecule sample preparation. At the core of the technology is the generation of millions of droplets formed as “water-oil-water”, each droplet constituting a reaction chamber for the handling of single DNA molecules. The Xdrop™ technology comprises both an instrument and related consumables.

Samplix enables single DNA molecule sample preparation where today only multi-molecule sample preparation is possible. Among many applications, the Xdrop™ technology allows for targeted enrichment of very large DNA fragments. 

Samplix addresses customers’ demand for precision, sensitivity and ease of use by overcoming the technical shortcomings of today's technologies.  


Samplix is working with world-leading institutions and companies in the development of instruments and consumables for DNA enrichment and applications testing in the fields of cancer, immunology, and epidemiology