Targeted Enrichment Work Flow


Using the Xdrop instrument and cartridges, DNA samples are partitioned into millions of picoliter droplets enabling use of standard PCR machines, flow cytomers and cell sorters for unbiased amplifications, digital droplet PCR, and digital, targeted enrichment.

In the first step of enrichment, the sample is diluted and distributed into millions of emulsion droplets using the Xdrop instrument. The droplets containing the DNA of interest are identified by performing a targeted PCR specific to the region of interest. Positive droplets are identified by the fluorescence and physically separated from negative droplets by use of a standard cell sorter. The result is enrichment of long single molecules comprising tens of kilobases of DNA information.

For downstream amplification of the single molecules, Samplix offers a proprietary technology by which the long DNA molecules are partitioned in droplets for high fidelity iso-thermal amplification. 

The sample preparation procedure is compatible with any short and long read DNA sequencing instruments.