Scientific Software Developer

Scientific Software Developer

Scientific Software Developer to lead the development of scientific software and cloud-based architecture at Samplix.

Do you want to resume responsibility for designing and developing cutting-edge scientific software in the field of molecular biology in cloud-based environment?

Today, genes are easily decoded by advanced DNA sequencers. Sequencing is an integrated part of R&D programs in the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics in leading hospitals and clinician’s decisions on the best possible treatment regimens for patients. Future healthcare will increasingly depend on accurate detection of genetic variations by sequencing. 

Samplix enables the holy grail in genetics; to perform genetic analysis on single DNA molecules. Single DNA molecule analysis eliminates the risk of interaction between different DNA molecules. Samplix has developed a proprietary single molecule microfluidics Xdrop™ technology that maintains the integrity of DNA and allows for error proof sequencing.

We are now looking for a Scientific Software Developer to take the lead in the further development of scientific software at Samplix, as well as spear-head the development of the cloud architecture on which it runs.

The position

We are looking for an experienced Scientific Software Developer to take responsibility for our software development and cloud architecture business area. You will manage our software development pipeline and build a robust and scalable compute environment in the Amazon cloud. You will work in close collaboration with our highly skilled scientists to combine the best of software development with the best of molecular biology. 

You will report to the Chief Technology Officer and you will be based at the Head Quarter in Herlev, Denmark. 

Main responsibilities

o   Design and implement new software to meet the scientific needs of internal and external collaborators

o   Maintain and expand our existing cloud-based infrastructure (based on AWS) to support our growing global business

o   Expand and optimize PostgreSQL databases running in AWS RDS

o   Plan software development related activities

o   Maintain and support our existing software platforms

o   Collaborate with internal and external partners to ensure that our software is implemented and used correctly

o   Provide internal and external guidance on good software development principles


o   Strong background in software design and development for Unix-like platforms (>5 years' experience)

o   Hand’s on experience with cloud architecture using AWS (e.g. load balancing, VPC’s, SSL certificates, RDS, etc.)

o   Hand’s on experience with designing and optimizing PostgreSQL databases

o   Ability to work independently as well as being able to collaborate with colleagues

o   Strong written and verbal communication skills

o   Experience working with compiled programming languages (Go, C, C++, etc.)

o   Experience using version control in software development (Subversion/Git)

o   Experience with software testing, test coverage, etc.

o   Experience writing software documentation

o   Experience writing web services and RESTfull API’s

o   Like working with numbers and a basic understanding of statistics

o   Experience in software development planning (duration and effort estimation)

o   Understanding of molecular biology or openness to learn about DNA

In addition, the following will be considered as a strong advantage

o   A degree in computer science or similar

o   A degree in molecular biology or similar

o   Experience working with the Go programming language

o   Experience working with Python

o   AWS certifications

o   Basic understanding of how computer hardware works

o   Having read “The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering” by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

We offer

We offer a great job with development opportunities in a highly motivating, professional and friendly environment. You may be looking for a new career path or you may simply be looking to make a difference in a small hard-working organization with the ambition to make a difference. 

You will be offered the opportunity to spearhead and drive the development of scientific software on a very high scientific level for a highly motivated and educated group of customers around the world.

The job will be challenging and rewarding at the same time. You will have world class colleagues, flexible working hours, 6 weeks of holiday and a salary corresponding to your qualifications.

Application deadline

Application deadline is April 25, 2019. Applications will be considered as they are submitted.

Your application will be treated in accordance with our policies for processing of personal data incorporating the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.


Next Generation Sequencing makes it possible to decipher all genes of human beings which may reveal genetic variations important for diagnosis and personalized treatment. In the past 10 years, sequencing has paved the way for astonishing discoveries within medicine.

Samplix’ Xdrop™ sample preparation products allow scientists and clinicians to target the sequencing towards relevant genetic regions thereby obtaining significant higher quality and certainty in the genetic analysis.

Samplix has developed proprietary products for targeted single molecule enrichment of DNA and RNA. Samplix’ technologies are based on advanced microfluidics which in a simple work process partitions millions of molecules in droplets thereby enabling high quality targeted enrichment of large fragments (>100 kb) for subsequent sequencing.

For additional information, please contact

Marie Mikkelsen
Samplix ApS
Mileparken 28
2730 Herlev
+45 20970763