Field Application Scientists - Europe

Field Application Scientists - Europe

We are seeking two Field Application Scientists to bring novel, advanced products and technology for genetic analysis on single DNA molecules to the market in the area of next generation sequencing

Do you want to be a part of an interdisciplinary dynamic team who shares the vision of better healthcare by improving next generation sequencing and securing the integrity of DNA information?

Today, genes are easily decoded by advanced DNA sequencers. Already, sequencing forms an integrated part of R&D programs in the pharmaceutical industry, diagnosis and clinician’s decisions on the best possible treatment regimens for patients in leading hospitals. Future healthcare will increasingly depend on accurate detection of genetic variations by sequencing.

Samplix enables the holy grail in genetics; to perform genetic analysis on single DNA molecules. Single DNA molecule analysis eliminates the risk of interaction between different DNA molecules. Samplix has developed a proprietary single molecule microfluidics XdropÔ technology that maintains the integrity of DNA and allows for error proof sequencing.

The position

We are looking for experienced and highly motivated Field Application Scientists to perform customer trainings on-site, provide advice on experimental design, troubleshooting support and to conduct technical seminars. You have strong technical knowledge in the area of next generation sequencing with credibility to effectively consult and advice on solutions, products and technologies with key decision makers. You will work closely together with our team of Sales Development Managers as well as our in-house technical support team. You will provide customer (complaints, concerns etc.) as well as competitor feedback to our product development and product management teams. You are excited to work with a dynamic team of talented professionals to introduce and grow the Xdrop™ technology and products. You will report to VP Commercial Operations.

Main responsibilities

o Coordinate and perform customer trainings and demonstrations on-site

o You will document and report customer complaints, competitor and other market feedback

o You will troubleshoot technical issues related to assay design, experimental design and instruments including cell sorter instruments

o You will engage in scientific discussions with customers to provide advice on experimental design

o You will provide scientific presentations at customer sites and at conferences, seminar days and workshops

o You are committed to register complaints and other feedback through use of the CRM system and other relevant IT tools

o You will support the regional Sales Development Managers developing territory business plans 


o You have a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry or Genetics with several years of experience from the lab.

o You have hands-on experience with NGS workflows and common molecular biology bench techniques and ideally also with flow cytometry and single cell experience

o Ideally you have some years of customer facing experience

o You are organized, analytical and systematic and can handle stressful situations

o You can work independently but also in a larger team

o Strong written and verbal communication skills as well as outstanding presentation skills

o You are 100% committed to customer service

o Up to 80% travel time

We offer

We offer a great job with development opportunities in a highly motivating, professional and friendly environment. You may be looking for a new career path or you may simply be looking to make a difference in a small hard-working organization. You will be offered the opportunity to spearhead and drive the introduction of highly advanced products on a very high scientific level for a highly motivated and educated group of customers around the world. The job will be challenging and rewarding at the same time.


Please send the application to Henrik M. Pfundheller, VP Commercial Operations at Samplix at with the Subject Line: FAS – Europe. Applications will be considered as they are submitted. Your application will be treated in accordance with our policies for processing of personal data incorporating the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.


Next Generation Sequencing makes it possible to decipher all genes of human beings which may reveal genetic variations important for diagnosis and personalized treatment. In the past 10 years, sequencing has paved the way for astonishing discoveries within medicine. Samplix’ Xdrop™ sample preparation products allow scientists and clinicians to target the sequencing towards relevant genetic regions thereby obtaining significantly higher quality and certainty in the genetic analysis.

About Samplix

Samplix has developed proprietary products for targeted single molecule enrichment of DNA. Samplix’ technologies are based on advanced microfluidics which in a simple work process partitions millions of molecules in droplets thereby enabling high quality targeted enrichment of large fragments (>100 kb) for subsequent sequencing.

For additional information, please contact:

Henrik M. Pfundheller
VP Commercial Operations
Samplix ApS
Mileparken 28
2730 Herlev
+45 40902106