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Lars Kongsbak

Lars Kongsbak was CEO of Exiqon A/S from 2003-2017 where he previously served as Head of R&D and Head of Business Development. Lars Kongsbak has also served as Senior Scientist with Novozymes, Novo Nordisk and Bioimage, respectively. Lars Kongsbak conducted postdoctoral research in the United States, Australia and Denmark.

Lars Kongbak earned his M.Sc. in Biology from the University of Copenhagen (1988) and his PhD in Molecular Biology from the Technical University of Denmark (1990).

Lars Kongsbak is also Chairman of Virogates A/S and Director with Bluebee Holding BV.

Marie Just Mikkelsen


Marie Just Mikkelsen

Marie is managing the research and development and intellectual property of Samplix and has a background as Director of technology of Estibio ApS, Director of Bioprocessing at BioGasol ApS, and Associate professor at the Danish Technical University. Awarded a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from University of Southern Denmark